Air Jordan Course


This 5 day course will teach you how to make an Air Jordan from scratch.  No need to buy a pair and take it apart. You will come to class and begin by designing your colorways with the variety of leathers we offer.  We’ll teach you how to sew the pieces together, add the padding and stitch the sole on with our cup-sole stitcher.  Your instructor will be Matt Greiner of Lab53.   Matt has been customizing sneakers for several years. Check out his work @lab53shoess .  He knows the ins and outs of putting these sneakers together and we’re stocking lasts and leathers to stimulate your creativity.    This is not only a cool thing to do, but if you like doing it and you want to continue developing your skills and work at perfecting making sneakers, our school rents studio time at $10 an hour so students can work independently on their own projects.

Only 4 students in each class.  Make sure to complete your registration by adding your shoe size.

NOTE:  If you come in to this class with some sewing machine skills, you’ll be ahead of the game.    Check out our Leather Work 301 to learn how to use the sewing machines you’ll be using in this class.