Outstitch Video: The Desert Boot

We are very excited to announce that a full video tutorial has been completed to show the Outstitch Shoemaking process that CEO Sara McIntosh developed and refined for over 40 years.This video and program we’ve designed is for the purpose of giving access to a wider audience to learn shoemaking. Once we finished it, we realized that our former shoemaking students might want this in their library to remember the process they went through with us and perhaps continue with another pair.

The Video is $99 and Pattern Set: $149. The sizes can be customized to allow for increase or decrease in width and fit by purchasing a ZOOM/AWL session or 2 from our Shop after receiving the pattern download. The Video comes with a time stamped written manual for easy return to important steps.

To completely customize a pattern, contact us and we’ll set up some patternmaking lessons via zoom or in person. We are on a mission to make your shoemaking projects easier and more attainable. This is an investment in your footwear-making future. 

This offer is exclusive to students who have taken the Beginning Shoemaking class with us. Please refrain from sharing this with others. Instead, send us their names so we can contact them ourselves to help them get started.

These are the materials you’ll need in order to make the shoes in the video. We prefer that you use the leathers and soling we supply to get the best results for the first pair on your own.

MATERIALS TO MAKE ONE PAIR OF DESERT BOOTS: This package of materials for all sizes is $89
1 sq ft 8-9 oz vegetable tanned leather for midsoles.
.5 sq ft chap split suede leather for heel counter
2 +sq ft 4.5-5.5 oz chrome tanned leather for vamps
1 sq ft of 3 oz lining leather for skeleton lining
1.5 sq ft 18 (=⅜”) iron Vibram Pyramid crepe soling
Eyelets and eyelet setter – Qty 16
Tearmender glue–water based/has latex
Medium wt waxed nylon thread – 120″ (handsewing)
1 pr 36”-45” shoe laces
Masters or Barge Contact Cement
Newsprint paper for molding the shoes
Tools and Other Materials Needed–Buy from us or source elsewhere. Linked products go to our SHOP Page
4 Prong punch, 1/8”/3mm spacing for hand stitching
Anvil—RR tie or Dragon anvil (Cobblers’ anvil)
Hole punch eyelet size–if purchasing the Rotary punch, this is not needed
Fid for tracing and marking
Glue brush
Harness needles for hand sewing
Rotary punch
Mallet or leather covered claw hammer
Marking pen/silver for dark leathers
Metal Ruler/ Straight edge
Rotary cutter for cutting leather
Rough grit sandpaper–60-80 grit
Ruffer Tool
Scissors-Gingher shears. 8 “ KE recommended
Skiver–Hand skiver, with 5 blades
Soling knife, tin snips, utility knife, for cutting soling and midsole
Stuffing stick-18” long ¾” dowel
Wing Divider
Wooden stump or punching pad