We have a new instructor! Peter Thompson will be teaching tooling and carving vegetable tanned leather with some great finishing techniques. This is an age-old practice that has been mostly preserved in the ”Western style” of leather working. Peter brings a modern approach to patterns and styling. He learned from his father and loves passing on his skills to others.

Our new instructor, Peter Thompson offers this Beginning Level class on tooling and carving vegetable tanned leather. We are excited about giving our students access to both traditional techniques and modern approaches and as this class is taught in 4 sessions, we’ve been able to add finishing techniques as well.

This is a great pre-class for Molding Veg Tanned Leather as your tooled and carved piece can be used for molding.When you’re done with this class you’ll be eligible for a discount coupon for Molding Leather (ask to see our “BIN Book”).