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Dedicate more time to your leather working and shoemaking endeavors. We have plenty of time and space for membership access.

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Membership access is shown on our main class calendar so you can plan and reserve your visits at least 24 hrs ahead of time.

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The Fine Print

  • Purchase your membership from our store. Your last name is your membership “number”.
  • You may cancel your membership at any time, no refunds, no rollovers.
  • Storage: If Storage is used, we will keep items in storage for up to 30 days after cancellation of Membership before discarding.
  • Members must sign liability waiver 
  • Members must become certified on the tools and machines they wish to use. Orientation can be done on same day as your first member hours session.  
  • Certification on the industrial sewing machines require that you are already proficient. Training on these machines is not included in orientation. We will “test” to ensure you know how to use these machines on your own. If you need training, please take our Leather Work 301 class or schedule Private Lessons.
  • No Shows lose their visit.
  • Rescheduling of visits must be done 24 hrs before previous registrations.
  • Members must be able to work on their own without supervision, except when buying leather or tools. 
  • If a member needs to be re-trained on a particular machine during members access, they can pay for that training during that shift. $25 for a 30 minute training.
  • Members may not fix machines. If something malfunctions while they are using it, the monitor will look at it and may have to remove access pending assessment and fixing by a technician. 
  • Members are not allowed to cut leather from hides but can access large scraps and weigh them for purchase.
  • Buying more materials: The shift monitor will be able to cut leather and sell a side of leather for members. Hardware like snaps and rivets will be available to purchase.
  • 24 hr cancellation policy for members access reservations. Under that time, sessions are counted as used.
  • Ask us about discounts on 6-12 month memberships.