This (Leather Working Class) was my birthday treat and it was a thoroughly enjoyable way to celebrate it. I wore the black belt the next day. LM

Everyone who has seen and held my new shoes is totally…I think the best word is…”flabbergasted”! Sara, you are helping expand people’s minds. I sincerely think that the entire DIY movement is fundamentally changing the way our society thinks, and you and your students are pioneers in that transition. Chad

“My family is so impressed that I made real shoes, and not something that would embarrass them. Thank goodness I’ve delayed my dotage for a little longer.” – Carolyn

“This class was an incredible learning experience. If you would have told me that I could learn to make a pair of shoes in a weekend, I might have looked at you with some skepticism. Not only did I learn to make a pair of shoes, but, I ended up with one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I’ve ever owned (and I have a real “comfortable shoe” fetish, so this is high praise). Sara is such a patient, and thorough, instructor, that I didn’t doubt for a moment that I’d be able to accomplish the tasks at hand. “- Esther

I took the leather jewelry class this past Sunday and wanted to say how much I really enjoyed it. The only thing that wasn’t good about it was that it wasn’t long enough! (smile). I do look forward to any additional jewelry making classes that you may think of to add to the course listing. Thank you again for such an enjoyable Sunday!

Dear Sara, I think it went GREAT! I love my new clutch and when I got home realized that the ipad will fit into it rather nicely as well. So it could serve a dual purpose. I’m hooked on leather now thanks to you! I’ve been making a list of all the things I want to make and all the tools I want to buy. Thanks again for a great workshop. Wish it could’ve lasted a little longer. Cathy

“Last night, we had a Parents Night at Talia’s school. I wore my shoes proudly. News got out that I made them, and people couldn’t stop talking about them!!! It was just great. I was so excited to have such an amazing response. I can’t wait to start making more and hopefully have some interest from these same people to make shoes for their kids.” – Monica, Shoemaking Class 1/6/12

“Sara is a dream of a teacher! Patient, thorough, kind, and incredibly knowledgeable! As a costumer I won’t make a lot of shoes but my understanding of how they’re made will help with the modifications we do in theatre as well as learning how to work with leather so I can make all sorts of accessories like bags, belts, pouches, book covers, and on and on! Great little studio close to the El and the Metra station!” Kelly, 

Who ever thought you could make your own shoes? With Chicago School of Shoemaking, you can! Sara’s class was so much fun. I thought the shoes may be simple moccasins or something like that, but the pair I walked away with are really cool and of professional quality. We covered pretty advanced leatherworking and shoe making topics, but Sara made it easy. I plan to wear my new shoes a lot. Josh

Thanks so much for sending that image – it looks so great! I have my shoes on right now and I have already had so many compliments on them and people can’t believe that I made them!!!

Thanks again for everything – it was such a wonderful class! Peter

“I wanted to let you know my shoes fit perfectly and I love them!! The kids in my classes were duly impressed. My coolness factor just went up a few notches. I ended up not using the hard orthotics and used the ones you provided instead. They work well and are quite comfortable. We had such a great experience with you …and with shoemaking. You are a good teacher, Sara; just the right blend of demonstration, over-the-shoulder guidance, and hands-off!” Cathy

“Thank you very much for sending me this info. This is very helpful. I tried on the shoes and they fit great. I spent the whole weekend in the woods photographing them as well as my other stuff for my portfolio. Thanks again for all your help. I just want to let you know I got a scholarship to go to leather working school in Italy ($3,000.00!) and I appreciate the letter you wrote for me. thanks again.”  Will