Once you purchase the shoe or boot-making program, your package will include all the materials needed to make your shoes or boots.Below is a list of tools that are required for this course.You can source these on your own, or buy from us.
Hole punches/ eyelet size Rotary punch$19.00
Leather cutting scissors-we recommend Gingher shears. 8 “ KE (knife edge sharp)$30.00
4 Prong punch, 1/8” spacing for hand stitching if not using a machine$13.00
Fid for tracing and marking$8.00
Flexible tape measure$3.00
Glue brush$3.00
Harness needles for hand sewing$4.00
Skiver–Hand skiver, with 5 blades$17.00
Stuffing stick-18” long ¾” dowel$2.00
Wing Divider$22.00
Wooden stump or punching pad$10.00
Marking pen/silver for dark leathers$2.00
Rotary cutter for cutting leather$25.00
Rough grit sandpaper–60-80 grit$2.00
Ruffer Tool–to rough up bottom of midsole and top of sole for good glue connection$15.00
TOTAL $175.00
Tools and Materials to Source Yourself
Anvil—RR tie or Dragon anvil (Cobblers’ anvil) (Link is to photo)
Band saw for final trimming–can use utility knife
Cutting mat to protect your bench surface
Soling knife, tin snips or utility knife for cutting soling and mid-soling.
Marble or smooth tile for skiving surface or use anvil
Industrial Sewing machine (optional)
Metal Ruler/straight edge
Newsprint for forming the shoes